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Residential Security Services

Check Mate Investigations provides the most highly-trained and experienced security personnel in the country. We partner with our customers to create security solutions that are comprehensive, customized, and affordable.

Peace of mind protection is not only for businesses. Security is essential everywhere, but especially your home. Prevent unfortunate security events by hiring the best residential security team from Check Mate Investigations.

Temporary Home Security

How will your home be secured?
• When it is tented
• When a storm has left it vulnerable to intrusion
• In an emergency event like a sudden illness or fire

Check Mate Investigations home security guards have extensive training in emergency response, threat assessment, and conflict resolution. They know how to keep your property and family safe.

Multiple Dwellings Security

If you manage a gated community, homeowners association, or apartment complex, your residents’ safety and security are your number one priority. Check Mate Investigations trained home security guards to provide security protection and access control for managing emergencies and crime prevention.

Keep Your Community Safe With Residential Security Guards

Residential living communities like apartment complexes and homeowners associations share many common security threats. These include burglary and property theft, break-ins, assaults, loitering, and vandalism. While most multi-residential complexes have electronic gates and sound security systems, these measures have their limitations.

On-site, professional security guards are needed for an effective residential security program. The Check Mate Investigations security guards understand the most pressing threats against the residents of multi-dwelling communities. Our security guards also understand the unique nature of each residential community.

Check Mate Investigations works with property managers to learn the unique characteristics of your property, buildings, and residents. We consider these factors when creating a plan for identifying and mitigating safety risks. With this knowledge, our armed and unarmed guards can help you.

Check Mate Investigations security personnel work tirelessly to protect our clients. They are trained to do what it takes to deter threats and provide peace of mind. Call us today to learn what we can do to protect your home, gated community, or your HOA.

Residential Gate Security and Access Control

Doorways to your community and buildings are your entry gates. Without their supervision, anyone has complete access to your property. With your property gates and entrances secured by our professionally trained team, you will keep unknown parties out while sending the message that you take security seriously. This strong first impression will bring peace of mind to you and your community. Our residential security guards can open or secure gates at designated times, maintain visitor lists, check identification, and provide assistance to residents and visitors.

Foot and Road Security Patrols

Patrols keep your residents and property safe from potential risks while providing detection of security issues as they occur. Potential threats can be detected promptly when our security guards perform regular or irregular foot or vehicle patrols. With dependable security patrols in their community, your residents will feel confident in their safety.

Residential security patrols also serve to enforce community rules and regulations meant to keep your residents safe. Security personnel can monitor parking regulations, enforce noise ordinances, and identify suspicious behavior.

Security for Emergency Response

Unfortunately, emergency events do happen. Check Mate Investigations residential security guards can serve as first responders to any dangerous or unusual incident. Their police and military training allows them to secure the scene quickly and collect the necessary information that will assist law enforcement when they arrive.

Check Mate Investigations’ residential security guards also help to ensure police, fire, or medical personnel find the scene quickly. Additionally, our security guards can help emergency responders to do their work by keeping vehicles and other residents at a distance.

Maintain the safety of your gated community, homeowners association, or apartment complex with a full spectrum of residential security services form Check Mate Investigations.

  • Foot or vehicle patrols
  • Securing property entrances and exits
  • Maintaining visitor and vendor logs
  • Enforcing property and resident rules and regulations
  • Responding to suspicious activity
  • Managing emergencies
  • Partnering with law enforcement
  • Assisting residents and guests
  • Implementing emergency and evacuation plans
  • Reporting security events to management
  • Reviewing security footage

Short or long term security guard services, reliable, affordable and carefully tailored to your needs.

If you need unarmed security guards, event security officers or residential mobile patrols, Check Mate Investigation remains the best option for major companies in the United States.

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