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Personal/Civil Investigations

  • Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?
  • Need to find Is a missing loved one?
  • Do you want to check out a potential baby sitter, house sitter, or roommate?
  • Are you concerned about nearby violent sex offenders and predators?

Unfortunately, the world is full of deceptive, dishonest, and corrupt people. If you feel vulnerable due to a perceived threat from such people, you can proactively protect yourself or your business with the services of a licensed private investigator. Don’t waste time with suspicion and uncertainty, turn to Check Mate Investigations for accurate information and answers you need to make clear decisions and choices that prevent a potentially bad situation from becoming worse

Cheating Spouse

If you’re suspicious about your partners’ fidelity, a “Cheater” investigation will relieve your uncertainty. Experienced private investigators from Check Mate Investigations will accumulate proof using many investigative procedures to gather information, including taking pictures and analyzing video surveillance footage.

This cheater investigation is sometimes the first encounter with a licensed private investigator. Our investigative staff takes steps to make people feel comfortable describing details, which caused the suspicion of a partner cheating in their relationship. All Check Mate Investigations are conducted with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Pre-Marital Investigations

The insanity of falling in love can throw discrimination out the window. Use our discreet private investigators to uncover background details obscured by emotional involvement. Learning more about your potential mate will dispel concern or prevent a poor choice.

Investigate a potential baby sitter, house sitter, or roommate.
Deceptions can be found in any kind of relationship. Entering into any new relationship opens the potential of risk, be it emotional or physical. Background investigations will put any concerns at ease when the safety of you, your family, or your home is on the line. Confidentiality and discretion are the priority in all Check Mate Investigations.

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody cases require compelling, admissible facts to submit in court. The licensed private investigators at Check Mate Investigations will gather evidence that would be difficult for a parent to collect on their own. Our reports are clear, concise, and extensive in detail. With our licensed private investigators on your side, the contentious nature of child custody cases can be averted.

Missing Person Investigations

Sadly, sometimes a child runs away from home, or an elderly parent is disoriented and wanders off. An even worse missing person event is kidnapping.

When unfortunate events like these happen, a private investigator is needed to gather clues that will help recover the missing person.

Corporate Investigations

  • Do you suspect business partners just can’t be trusted?
  • Protect your business by performing background checks on all potential employees
  • Protect property your real estate investments with Tenant Background Checks
  • Loss Prevention/Recover personal and corporate assets with Check Mate Asset Recovery

Employee Background Checks

A prerequisite for any employee consideration is their background check. This important investigation can prevent companies from hiring people with criminal records or questionable behaviors.

Renter Background Checks

Property managers and Landlords can protect themselves by hiring Check Mate Investigations to perform background checks on all potential renters. This important action can prevent landlords and property managers from renting to people with criminal records or troubling behaviors. Background Checks are precautionary investment protection.

Fraud or Embezzlement Investigations

Every year, fraud, embezzlement, and other crimes cost businesses billions. These activities may be perpetrated by employees or even corporate partners. While there are many different perpetrators for these crimes, an event like a company down-sizing may generate “self-justifications” for theft by employees. Companies turn to Check Mate Investigations to discreetly handle internal investigations for theft, fraud, and other crimes.

The appearance or allegations of fraudulent activity requires immediate attention to uncover and preserve potential evidence. If suspicions are not immediately addressed, the fraudulent situation will likely worsen. Experienced fraud investigators at Check Mate Investigations are prepared to interview employees, as well as to conduct surveillance and covert operations.

By working closely with management, counsel, and law enforcement, our investigators are instrumental in developing a strategy for recovery and, if necessary, prosecution.


Check Mate Investigations procedures include uncovering:

  • Fictitious assets, inappropriate payments, or other misrepresentations
  • Unexplained inventory loss
  • Fraudulent vendor invoices
  • Employee misconduct
  • Product diversion
  • Theft of product and inventory

Check Mate Investigations security personnel work tirelessly to protect our clients. They are trained to do what it takes to deter threats and provide peace of mind. Call us today to learn what we can do to protect you.

Short or long term security guard services, reliable, affordable and carefully tailored to your needs.

If you need unarmed security guards, event security officers or residential mobile patrols, Check Mate Investigation remains the best option for major companies in the United States.

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